Our Pyrotechnic Firework Displays

With Titanium Fireworks, you can create awe-inspiring pyrotechnic displays for everlasting memories and wow-factor moments. As experienced fireworks organisers, we know how to set the mood and atmosphere you’re looking to create. From a tasteful wedding display to a show-stopping concert experience, we know what it takes to impress.

Are you ready to create a mind-blowing display with the UK’s leading pyrotechnic fireworks company? Contact us today to discuss your project.

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What We Do

We are regarded as the UK’s best professional SFX and pyrotechnic fireworks company for private and corporate events. All our displays are individually designed to meet your specific requirements and those of the venue. That way, you know you’re receiving a truly unique display that isn’t a carbon copy of what you’ve seen before.

From the London Eye to the Olympic stadium, Titanium Fireworks has unrivalled experience delivering pyrotechnic displays from many types of buildings, structures and platforms.

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Where We Can Work

With offices based across the UK, we’re accessible pretty much anywhere. We have teams that deliver displays nationwide, from London to Edinburgh and Norwich to Liverpool, for all kinds of occasions.

However, large or small your venue requirements are, our creative team can rise to any challenge and add an extra dimension. Could you be our next customer? Contact us to see how our pyrotechnic fireworks company can turn-up the wow factor for your event.

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Our Environmental Policy

We’re committed to reducing the impact of pyrotechnic displays on the environment. Find out more in our policy.

Areas we’ve been actively improving include: recycling our waste, using sustainable and ethical supply chains, eliminating the use of single use plastic in our chain of operations and training all staff in environmental awareness.

Environmental Policy

Why Choose Us?

Our displays have been seen at top attractions and events around the UK. We’re the go-to choice for the prestigious London New Year’s Eve celebrations – the country’s biggest annual display. We’re also the go-to choice for the nation’s top corporations, including the BBC.

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Read some our client's testimonials and find out why we do what we do.

Absolutely professional

Me and my family Have been privileged enough to witness a Titanium Fireworks display. New year in London 2014/15 was absolutely amazing. The choreography between music and fireworks was perfect and very well thought out. Words cannot express the joy on not only my children’s face who are 11 & 15 but me, my wife and friends faces as well.

A design that truly worked

Jack Morton Worldwide

The combination of the team dynamic, with the ambition to improve year on year created the best performance for London’s New Year’s Eve yet, with a design that truly worked for both the Live and the TV audience.

Dazzling celebrations

British Government

Tonight’s dazzling celebrations have shown London at its best. I hope everyone who attended and watched from home, here in the UK and across the globe, were as impressed with this fabulous showcase for our great city.


Got a question about how we deliver show-stopping displays? Browse our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly team.

What is the difference between pyrotechnic displays and fireworks?

While fireworks are primarily used for entertainment and have specific outdoor usage characteristics, pyrotechnics encompass a wider range of explosive devices used for various purposes and can be used indoors with more control over debris and safety distances.

Where do you source your fireworks from?

We source fireworks from manufacturers we know and trust in China and Europe.

What’s your health and safety policy?

Titanium Fireworks will conduct a site visit and provide a site-specific Risk Assessment for your venue.

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