Corporate and Private Firework Displays

Despite the scale of the events Titanium Fireworks supports, like the Adele world tour concert finale, people are sometimes surprised that we also offer corporate and private firework displays. But we do! We’re always keen to offer private or corporate party fireworks in your back garden or to help celebrate a company function with pyrotechnics.

We provide firework displays at funerals, birthdays, company anniversary parties, Christmas parties, product launches, Summer Balls and more! You name an event or activity and, chances are, we’ve probably helped with fireworks.

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Corporate and Private Firework Displays

Fancy a cracking 2-minute thrill to cap off your 30th birthday party, or maybe a dazzling 15-minute extravaganza for a special anniversary or work event? We’ve got you covered with our corporate firework displays for hire!

Whether it’s a private bash or a large event, we’ll work closely with you and your crew to craft the perfect fireworks display package.

Planning might sound a bit daunting, but fear not! Our friendly and experienced team is here to help every step of the way. From start to finish, we’ll ensure your fireworks show goes off with a bang.

Get in touch with us today to plan your special fireworks display for a party or event!

Titanium Fireworks private and corporate events fireworks displays

When it comes to private firework displays for hire, any good fireworks display company should start off by scouting out the suitability and safety of the site for the fireworks. Here at Titanium Fireworks, we do this on your behalf very quickly via a phone call.

Next, you need to give us an indication of your budget and the purpose of the event. We’ll discuss the options with you, without any obligation.

If our experts feel that fireworks are unsuitable or unsafe for your venue, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can advise on alternative ideas.

If we can meet your expectations within your budget, then we arrange to visit the site to confirm our initial assessment for safety. After this, we would put together a brief proposal (usually a couple of pages) and then await your decision.

References can, of course, be provided if required. We are also so confident in the quality of our party and event fireworks that we don’t generally ask for a deposit.

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Previous private and corporate event firework displays

For the 150th anniversary of the renowned Trinity May Ball, we dazzled the audience with the best pyrotechnics fireworks display they had ever seen. The event was a multimedia performance, so we incorporated moving lights, flames, fireworks and a hefty PA system to broadcast the specially-mixed soundtrack to the party-goers.

Our fireworks display company fired over 1000 pyro cues with note-perfect synchronisation from a total of 22 firing positions across 3 layers of the field.

Learn more about firing fireworks from structures

Why choose Titanium Fireworks?

Titanium Fireworks is a leading fireworks display company, providing exceptional entertainment and fun at corporate and private events like birthday parties, work retreats, anniversaries, weddings, school events, product launches and more!

We’ll never overpromise and under deliver on the firework displays we offer, so you can also rest assured that what we promise to give you will match up to what you see on the night. Choose Titanium Fireworks to give your event that extra special touch!

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Read some our client's testimonials and find out why we do what we do.

Absolutely professional

Me and my family Have been privileged enough to witness a Titanium Fireworks display. New year in London 2014/15 was absolutely amazing. The choreography between music and fireworks was perfect and very well thought out. Words cannot express the joy on not only my children’s face who are 11 & 15 but me, my wife and friends faces as well.

A design that truly worked

Jack Morton Worldwide

The combination of the team dynamic, with the ambition to improve year on year created the best performance for London’s New Year’s Eve yet, with a design that truly worked for both the Live and the TV audience.

Beautiful and brilliant climax

Great Exhibition of the North

Thank you for the beautiful and brilliant climax you crafted for the closing moments of the opening event on Friday, every aspect of which were in synch with the mood of the night and which created a gorgeous and unforgettable spectacle and brought the house down!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a licence for a private firework display in the UK?

You don’t need a licence to set off fireworks from private property that you own, or rented property with the permission of your landlord or landlady. For firework displays on public property, you do need a licence — even if this is a display for a private event like a birthday party in a public park or the like.

Fireworks marked as Category F4 are for use by professionals only. There is no training or licence available in the UK that entitles any member of the public to buy or use Category F4 fireworks.

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