Concert Firework Displays

Fireworks can be the perfect finale to an outdoor concert on a summer’s evening. They can take the form of an unaccompanied finale to the evening’s entertainment, be synchronised to a pre-recorded soundtrack or be choreographed to the orchestra itself for a live pyrotechnics display performance.

With the development of low and zero debris effects, it’s possible to bring pyrotechnics closer to the audience than ever before. Some venues are also looking for less noise and others require a themed approach, which is where a concert firework display company like Titanium Fireworks comes in!
As with the use of any fireworks for concerts, it’s about intimate knowledge of the characteristics of the pyrotechnics effects available and their carefully considered application for safety and aesthetics.

Firing concert firework displays in time with live musicians is a surprisingly challenging task, but one which we excel at. No two orchestras, bands etc will play the same piece at exactly the same tempo, or with the same feel or pauses. It’s simply not possible to trigger a pre-designed display and expect the music and fireworks to stay in harmony.

How concert fireworks work

Our event fireworks and festival fireworks display are designed to a recording, but we then split the finished design into segments and give each one a cue number. These are annotated to the musical score, accounting for the ‘lift time’ of the fireworks, and triggered at the precise moment the musician(s) reaches each point in the music.

Our pyrotechnics for concerts and events allows us to achieve a note-perfect level of synchronisation — which is almost indiscernible to one triggered by a computer to a pre-recorded soundtrack.

We have covered a huge range of events over the year, designing and creating huge firework displays for some of the biggest names in music and largest events of the year across the UK.

What type of concerts are covered

Titanium Fireworks covers all types of events, festivals, stadium tours and more, which require pyrotechnics timed to perfection.

At her final concert of a huge world tour, Adele performed at Wembley Stadium in June 2017; billed as ‘Adele: The Finale’.

The main set for Adele’s final concert peaked with a pyrotechnic display choreographed in time to her popular single, Set Fire to the Rain.

With a 360-degree, 25-metre high stage positioned in the middle of the Wembley Stadium, the concert firework display had to be zero debris and low smoke. Great care was taken by us at Titanium Fireworks to select the right material, as well as meticulously designing and choreographing the stadium fireworks.

As this was the finale to a long world tour, Adele wanted to make the Wembley shows stand out with a pyrotechnics sequence from the famous Wembley Arch to be synchronised with the stadium concert fireworks.

We’re proud to note that this was also the first time a firework installation of this size and duration had been rigged and fired from Wembley Arch. Previous stadium firework displays for the Champions League were only about 10 seconds in duration, whereas our firework display company had to deliver four identical, 35-second sequences — all rigged in advance.

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How does the FireOne Fireworks Firing System work?

FireOne is the world leader in digital pyrotechnic firing systems, meaning it’s used in the most complex firework displays in the world — including Disney Theme Parks. Our team alone has used the FireOne fireworks firing system to fire the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, London New Year’s Eve 2018 fireworks, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Rugby World Cup 2015 fireworks and the 50th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge.

The FireOne firing system is reliable and precise enough to fire thousands of fireworks with 1/100th of a second accuracy.

We can fire fireworks for concerts, festivals and events of great complexity, synchronised to a pre-recorded soundtrack or a live orchestra/band. Our pyromusical events often require us to react to a visual cue rather than timecode, which is made far easier with FireOne.

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Why choose Titanium Fireworks for concert fireworks?

Titanium Fireworks specialises in small and large scale events that require fireworks or pyromusical displays. We’re a leading pyrotechnics company and pyromusical display company

Our firework technicians are extremely experienced and highly qualified, firing many large and small scale pyrotechnic displays nationwide each year. We provide bespoke fireworks for any budget, and take care of all organisational aspects before the show to give you extra peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs for any pyrotechnic or pyromusical displays for upcoming events. We’re always happy to help make your event a little extra special — in a way that’s totally personalised to you.

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Read some our client's testimonials and find out why we do what we do.

Absolutely professional

Me and my family Have been privileged enough to witness a Titanium Fireworks display. New year in London 2014/15 was absolutely amazing. The choreography between music and fireworks was perfect and very well thought out. Words cannot express the joy on not only my children’s face who are 11 & 15 but me, my wife and friends faces as well.

Everyone is talking about it

Wells Christmas Tide

Thank you very much for the firework display you put on for us last night. Everyone is talking about it and saying it was the best firework display we’ve ever had! From all of us at Wells Christmas Tide we thank you.

A pleasure to work with

Conference & Events Manager, Trinity Hall

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for your help with the fireworks for our event yesterday evening. The team on site were a pleasure to work with and Jo and Rachel were over the moon with how the display went.

Dazzling celebrations

British Government

Tonight’s dazzling celebrations have shown London at its best. I hope everyone who attended and watched from home, here in the UK and across the globe, were as impressed with this fabulous showcase for our great city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are low debris fireworks available at Titanium Fireworks?

Yes, we offer low debris and low smoke fireworks for concerts and events in order to make our pyrotechnic and pyromusical displays as safe and audience-friendly as possible.

What large events have Titanium Fireworks covered?

Titanium Fireworks have covered all sorts of events, from concerts and Olympics opening ceremonies to football stadium displays and New Year’s Eve fireworks in London

2022’s NYE fireworks display in London formed part of the Mayor’s ‘Love London’ campaign and included 12,000 fireworks from Titanium Fireworks. The music for the special night included Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’, Ukrainian Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra and hits from Stormzy, Dua Lipa, Cher, Rihanna and Calvin Harris.

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