Fireworks can be the perfect finale to an outdoor concert on a summer’s evening. They can take the form of an unaccompanied finale to the evening’s entertainment, be synchronised to a pre-recorded soundtrack or be choreographed to the orchestra itself for a live pyromusical performance.

In recent years with the development of reliable low and zero debris effects (distinct from pure stage effects) it has been possible to bring the pyro closer to the audience. Some venues are also looking for less noise and others require a themed approach.

As with any use of pyro it is about intimate knowledge of the characteristics of the effects available and their carefully considered application.

Firing in time with live musicians is a surprisingly challenging task, but one which we excel at. No two orchestras will play the same piece at exactly the same tempo, or with the same feel or pauses. It is simply not possible to trigger a pre-designed display and expect the music and fireworks to stay in harmony. The display is designed to a recording as normal, but we then split the finished design in to segments and give each one a cue number. These are annotated on to the musical score, accounting for the ‘lift time’ of the fireworks, and triggered at the precise moment the orchestra reaches each point in the music. This allows us to achieve a note-perfect level of synchronisation which is almost indiscernible to one triggered by a computer to a pre-recorded soundtrack.

We pride ourselves in having members of our team who are score readers so we are able to offer this level of service in-house. We have successfully fired displays of this nature to the delight of both live and broadcast audiences around the UK.

In the past few years we have fired displays for concerts including:

BBC Proms Hyde Park

Warwick Castle Proms

Audley End

Eltham College

Adele at Wembley Stadium

Will Smith at Livewire Festival

Henley Festival

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