Whilst the majority of fireworks displays still take place in fields or large gardens the advent of digital firing equipment and advances in firework production (and particularly the emergence of low or even zero debris effects) means that we now have far greater scope and flexibility.

Where there is a willingness to explore the possibilities great things can be achieved – who would ever have thought we would see fireworks from the Queen Elizabeth II Tower (Big Ben) or from Tower Bridge? The displays at London 2012, on the London Eye and from Edinburgh Castle show just how far firing from structures has moved forward.

Any display starts with a site visit to understand what the client wants to see and whether it is possible and safe. If a site isn’t safe or we cannot achieve the effect you want we will tell you. No two displays are the same and we will apply our experience and expertise to each display to make sure we use the site to its best potential.

Our extensive experience covers all of the types of display above and we would be delighted to meet on any site to advise you of what we feel we could do to raise your event above the ordinary.