Fireworks & Festivals

With the Festival season fast approaching, Titanium Fireworks will once again be busy delivering displays and pyrotechnic special effects for numerous festivals and concerts. We are very proud of our track record which last year saw us at Wembley Stadium for Adele “The Finale” firing from the stage and the famous Arch. At the end of the summer we were up in Blackpool for the Livewire Festival, for a rare concert from Will Smith; his first in the UK for many years, with pyro erupting from behind the stage and a large aerial display from the beach.

Pyrotechnic fireworks displays for concerts or festivals can be very different to traditional events. The nature of the venues either requires the effects to be in close proximity to the stage and audience or there are restrictive safety distances eliminating the ability to use large aerial shells, or in some cases even multi-shot barrages or roman candles.

The choice of appropriate product is essential. In some cases, as with Adele at Wembley, we had to use zero debris, close proximity, low smoke arena pyrotechnics, as we were firing directly from the top of the 360 degree stage surrounded by 90,000 fans. It requires experience and knowledge of material to safety fire 20 meters above the heads of a world famous artist and her audience. We used custom-made products manufactured in America which had been tested and filmed in a controlled environment so we could be 100% confident of their performance before allowing them to be deployed on the stage truss.

We are looking forward to another packed summer program firing shows including the Henley Festival where we will be producing a firework finale over 5 nights from 11th to 15th July, with headline acts including Rita Ora and Nile Rogers and Chic – it’s time to Freak Out and Get Lucky!

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