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A spectacular firework display at your wedding will ensure a long lasting memory and will astound your guests. Fireworks are a great way to add that special sparkle to such an important day, what better way to celebrate than to use Titanium Fireworks whose team have been responsible for the design and choreography of the London 2012 Olympics, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, London New Year’s Eve and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

At Titanium Fireworks we stake our reputation on every performance we give with a simple mission statement,

“To design and deliver the best possible display for any given budget”

StoweSchool-03 webEvery venue will have different aesthetic opportunities and if music is required every couple will have different tastes. Whether the celebration is open fields, close to buildings or on water and whether the
musical taste is classical or contemporary, we will take one of the packages below and create a bespoke display around your requirements.

What makes Titanium Fireworks unique is the experience and credits our design team can boast along with a proven track record to deliver world renowned displays. With the ability to read and produce music as well as a creative design suite to put a final soundtrack together, all at no extra cost. Whether your wedding display budget is £1,600 or more, it will be designed with the same care and attention by the same team behind some of the largest events in the World.

We want to know what you would like so call us to discuss your specific requirements; we welcome your input should you choose to be involved in the design process. Do you have a predominant or favourite colour or theme to your big day? Maybe you have a favourite type of firework? Every display we design will be bespoke to you and specific to the venue. Some venues only allow “quiet fireworks”; we have a range of less noisy varieties which we can use in place of the louder more traditional bangs. The prices are the same for traditional and quieter displays.

Gold from £1,600

The Gold package offers a spectacular display of approximately 6 to 8 minutes of intense aerial fireworks fired BGP_8685 webfrom one central location. No gaps waiting for the next firework; non-stop beautiful bursts of colour and stars.

We would utilise a huge palette of colours and effects from multishot Roman Candles and barrages from ground level to 100 metres in the air to provide continuity to the display. The spectacular impact is delivered overhead with aerial shells up to 125mm diameter bursting to heights in excess of 250 metres in bouquets of up to five at a time creating a massive canopy of floral patterns and noise. Effects can include any colour you request, swirling butterflies, or special pattern shells including red hearts, gold rings and smiley faces

Sapphire from £2,400

The Titanium Sapphire package builds on the gold display with more intensity and increased duration from approximately 8 to 10 minutes. This is the best value package as our fixed costs of crew, transport and insurance remain the same. We are able to deliver a higher percentage of fireworks offering you better value for money. The aim is to have your guests in awe of the spectacle before them, jumping up and down with excitement.

We would add to the width of the display by launching the fireworks from two positions to produce huge fans of glittering gold stars as illustrated in the image below. We would also increase the maximum size of the aerial shells from 125mm up to 150mm, reaching even more dizzy heights and with bursts almost 300 metres wide.StoweSchool-01 web

Diamond from £3,600 plus

If you are looking for the 24 carat display, then the Diamond package delivers both increased intensity and volume. Firing from multiple locations, the overlapping layers of effects delivers an even more incredible show. It also offers you the opportunity to create a truly personalised display by choreographing the display to music. All of our Pyromusicals are computer fired for the most accurate synchronisation possible, with every sequence being fully colour co-ordinated and each firework timed with 0.01 second accuracy. In order to achieve the perfect balance of intensity and choreography we would suggest a duration of around 6 to 7 minutes for this budget.

We have a vast library of tried and tested musical ideas, or we are equally happy to be guided by you. Choose whatever music you like, from Provokiev to The Prodigy. We will always be honest in our appraisal of the requested tracks to ensure we achieve the perfect balance between songs which are personal to you, but also suitable for fireworks.  The cost of producing a musical mix to your taste and the display design is included in this price. There is no doubt that fireworks choreographed to music really elevate the display to a new level. Our aim is to leave you and your guests just breathless at the end of your pyromusical performance.

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Add on Packages

£95      Lancework, Heart shape with Initials.

As a special personal touch, we can create a fire drawing of a red heart with the bride and groom’s initials on either side. This effect burns for 60 seconds and can be the perfect way to start the firework display.

£50      Avenue of Fountains, per 20 metres

As the bride and groom depart for their honeymoon, we can line the driveway with silver fountains. These will ignite in a sequence as the car heads off, forming a glittering avenue of sparks. This effect can be scaled up to anything from 20 metres to 200 metres.

£460    PA System

Pyromusical displays require a PA system to broadcast the soundtrack. We can either utilise an existing system if there is one available, or we can supply our own QSC 3000W system and engineer which will ensure that your carefully created soundtrack is broadcast perfectly to your guests. This option is available for £460 inc VAT or included in any display over £4,000 exc VAT.

£40      VIP Start

For the personal touch, a VIP start button can be provided for the bride and groom to start the display by firing the first effect.

Within reason we can make the duration of your display fit your budget. Based on our personal experience we feel the duration for a wedding display is best placed between 6 and 12 minutes – the packages are a guide and we would be very pleased to talk to you in person if you would like a different duration.

Likewise we will happily discuss budgets in-between the packages above – the more we understand what you are looking for the more likely we are to exceed your expectations and the happier you will be.

All prices for the above are inclusive of VAT. Also included is all design and production costs, Fireworks, Insurance to £20 million and for all packages we would produce an extensive site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS).

Organise your wedding Fireworks

Titanium Fireworks have a proven track record for delivering the largest and most prestigious displays in the world. To have this same design team produce your wedding fireworks display, please contact us on 020 7183 9665 or email To look at some of our other work, including our show reel, please visit our galleries.