Trinity May Ball 2016

With 2016 heralding the 150th anniversary of the renowned Trinity May Ball we knew that we would have to dazzle the audience with the best firework display they had ever seen – which is no mean feat when the students of Cambridge have witnessed countless great displays over the years.

We don’t like to treat this show as simply a fireworks display; the audience expects a multimedia performance, so this year we incorporated moving lights, flames, fireworks and of course a hefty PA system to broadcast the specially mixed soundtrack to the party-goers.

The note-perfect synchronisation was delivered by firing over 1000 pyro cues from a total 22 firing positions across 3 layers of the field, accompanied by 12 high powered moving lights and 12 flame heads. This would be no simple task in normal conditions, but on that day the weather decided to unleash a month’s worth of rain in 6 hours!

The hard work paid off, as not only was our client delighted but the local press were similarly effusive:

A huge thank you to you all – the fireworks were completely spot on, the timing was immaculate, and the design both clever and intricate.

Ben Sehovic

Trinity May Ball Fireworks Officer

The fireworks: WOW. If you are reading this and you did not manage to watch the Trinity fireworks, I must apologise, because words cannot do justice to how incredible they were. It truly was a ‘you had to be there’ moment, and by moment I mean 20 minutes. Not only were there fireworks to rival London on New Year’s Eve, there was a terrific light show which captivated practically the entirety of both Trinity and Clare May Balls.

Varsity Magazine

The fireworks were great in such a surreal way that they left me questioning whether I’d just imagined the whole night. They were synchronised perfectly with some absolutely amazing music choices.

Cambridge Tab

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