The Mayor of London New Years Eve Celebrations 2015

Titanium Fireworks are privileged to work with Jack Morton Worldwide to deliver the nation’s largest and most prestigious annual firework event, the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations fired from the iconic London Eye and River Thames.

London’s New Year celebrations have become synonymous with the London Eye and is the most watched live broadcast on BBC1 with some 13.1 million viewers. Now in its 11th year it is the largest annual display in the country, fired from three barges on the river Thames, 14 smaller pontoon positions equidistantly separated between the two outside barges and of course, the London Eye with 32 firing positions on the inner rim firing from both inner and outer trajectory’s as well as 16 firing positions on the Hub, providing a full 360 degrees rotation of effects.

The display is synchronised to a unique soundtrack produced by Jack Morton Worldwide, a global brand experience agency who are the creative and production team behind some of the most highly visible and critically acclaimed stadium scale events including Olympic Games in Athens, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, Melbourne and Glasgow and of course London NYE.

The London display is an immense logistical challenge with a team of 24 pyrotechnicians working from 27th December at the Dock in east London loading 30 tonnes of equipment and 8 tonnes of fireworks on to three barges, often in cold and wet conditions. Meanwhile a team of 12 pyrotechnicians and riggers work on the London Eye rigging 1,200 fireworks on to the structure during the night so as not to affect the normal operation of one of the country’s busiest tourist destinations.

2015 was the second year fired by Titanium fireworks but it was the 5th consecutive year that the display was designed and project managed by Darryl Fleming and Ian Walker. In 2011 with the advent of the London 2012 Olympics, Darryl and Ian were given unrivalled access to Big Ben where a pyrotechnic sequence was fired with the 12 chimes announcing the midnight moment taking us into the Olympic year.

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