Lady Margaret Hall Ball

Whilst Cambridge has May Balls Oxford has Commemoration Balls which happen triennially or as and when a college decides to hold one! On 7th May this year we were delighted to work with the Committee of Lady Margaret Hall Oxford to deliver a spectacular pyrotechnics firework display which dovetailed seamlessly into the “The Final Element” theme:

“After 3 years away, Lady Margaret Hall’s much anticipated ball will be making a comeback for 2016 with the theme ‘The Final Element’. Fire, water, earth and air, will merge with the final element: you, the guests.”

“LMH was founded in 1878 to right a wrong: the fact that a great university saw fit to educate men, but not women. The foundation of a college to remedy that injustice was, in the words of the writer Vera Brittain, “the quintessence of the whole movement for women’s emancipation, the context for the equal citizenship of the mind.” Source

Since 1978 LMH has been open to men and women and as with all Oxbridge Colleges there is an interesting history and notable alumni list from Nigella Lawson and Michael Gove – not names normally put in the same sentence! Source

If you would like a brief glimpse to the world of the Final Element and see how Titanium Fireworks fitted into an evening of high quality entertainment have a look at this:

As you catch a glimpse of the world of “The Final Element” and witness how our fireworks company contributed to an evening of high-quality entertainment, we invite you to consider how our expertise can elevate your upcoming events.

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