Glasgow 2014

In July 2014, Celtic Park was transformed in to a stage to welcome the world and the Athletes of the 71 different nations competing in the 20th Commonwealth Games. The centrepiece of the ceremony was the largest screen in Europe standing at 9.5 meters high and 100 meters wide, located in front of the south stand, from which Titanium Fireworks fired 15 positions on the roof above the screen during a number of sequences synchronised with the on-screen graphics. The remaining three stands which formed a horseshoe bowl comprised 45 more firing positions located around the outer perimeter of the roof. In order to add an extra dimension we also fired from 10 positions on the east and west stand firing over the field of play.

Given the nature of firing from stadium roofs directly above the heads of the audience, performers and athletes the pyrotechnics used had to be debris free, we selected the world-renowned Spanish manufacturer, Ricasa. The performance and quality of product was excellent and ensured a spectacular and safe display from the stadium roof. The stadium was rigged with a dedicated crew of 8 pyrotechnicians who were trained and experience at working at height which is essential when working on stadium roof tops.

While the stadium crew rigged the roof, our other crews which consisted of 24 pyrotechnicians rigged the city wide sites. These included an aerial site in Glasgow Green, a second aerial site at Pacific Quay and a 600 meter frontage fired from 23 pontoons spread along the river Clyde from the Science Museum to the Clyde Arc. In order to ensure that all city wide sites were synchronized and coordinated with each other as well as synchronised to the sound track, we had to broadcast our FSK time code across the city over a 6 mile radius, ensuring that all firing systems were locked in together.

The following day, the newspapers heralded the Ceremony as stunning where the eyes of the world descended on Glasgow to witness a spectacular live event at Celtic Park, Titanium Fireworks were proud to play their part in this Ceremony.

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