Forth Road Bridge 50th Anniversary

Titanium Fireworks were proud to have partnered with Unique Events to deliver the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Forth Road Bridge which was an immense challenge both on a logistical and technical level. The scale of the bridge was colossal with an overall frontage of 1.8 kilometres and the two towers standing at a height of 156m. The firework display was to become a major national celebration with the size and scale making it the biggest display since the Millennium, even eclipsing the quantity of fireworks in the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Our creative proposal included a 1.8 kilometre frontage comprising over 93 firing Forth-Road-Bridgepositions, including the apex of the two towers, and the centrepiece being a kilometre long waterfall suspended below the road deck spanning the section of the bridge between the two towers, this was to be the longest waterfall ever fired in the UK. The display would include nearly 2,000 x 75mm and 100mm shells, 650 x 125mm shells and over 500 x 150mm shells, with a further 3,500 single shot and multi shot effects fired from the front and roman candle positions.

35 tonnes of tackle and associated firing equipment was used to deliver this major event, a crew of 20 worked tirelessly for 10 days to load and wire in 7,500 cues utilising 8 kilometres of data cable. The display was technically challenging, especially given this was also a pyromusical and needed to be synchronised to a soundtrack. The number of modules meant that it would be inadvisable to fire the display from one system. We therefore opted to fire from three control positions, equidistantly located along the bridge, this meant that each system would fire no more than 70 to 80 modules and the amount of data cable would be more manageable. Utilising FSK timecode which was broadcast from the central control position south of the Bridge the three systems fired the display flawlessly.

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