Simon Page


Fell in love with fireworks whilst “helping out” on a barge in 1996. With a background in operations and logistics Simon’s skill set dovetails neatly with his creative colleagues who he has known and worked with for many years. Of course Simon would argue that behind every great firework display there is an exciting support train of people, vehicles, passes, permits and accounts – but he would!

Q&A with Simon Page


Favourite career moment to date

I have had the privilege of working on London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 but I think my favourite career moment to date was 31st December 2013 when the firework crescendo subsided and was replaced by the immediate appreciative roar from the audience in Princes Street. Although I had worked on the display for several years before that this was the first time as our own company in conjunction with Unique Events, Historic Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council. We had gone from probable redundancy in Spring 2013 with our previous company to delivering the two largest shows on one night in the UK as a 7 month old business. Although I am a Kiwi by birth and British by nationality, Edinburgh holds a very special place in my heart – everybody should visit Edinburgh’s Hogmanay at least once in their life.


What do you most enjoy about your Job?

I spent 10 incredibly rewarding years in the Army mainly serving within the Commando Brigade so overcoming challenges through teamwork and camaraderie has become engrained in me. Sometimes the work we do is physically and mentally very challenging so when we pull together with our crews to deliver very high quality displays safely, I really enjoy that sense of collective achievement.


What aspect of your job do you least enjoy?

I really can’t think of anything! Working with colleagues who are also friends towards a common goal is about as good as working can get.


Favourite Project to have worked on?

Excluding Edinburgh’s Hogmanay I think Glasgow 2014 was the best single event experience. We learned a great deal about how these large events work during London 2012 so we were very well prepared for the challenges thrown up at Celtic Park and down at the Clyde River Site. Working with an exacting large event company like Jack Morton Worldwide is always fun and everyone we met in Glasgow particularly at Celtic Park couldn’t have been more “onside” and enthusiastic. Our crews worked incredibly hard for us at this event and although we unfortunately haven’t been able to get much footage of the Stadium the Clyde shots are brilliant.


Favourite photo from the Titanium Firework Portfolio?

Am I allowed two?

I really like the Glasgow Commonwealth Games shot from the River Clyde and the Hogmany shot from the North where this magnificent building is uplit in blue.


How would your colleagues describe working with you?

I am not sure you could print the real answer so I will go with relaxed and cheerful!


What is one thing you absolutely will check off your “bucket” list?

I have been back to New Zealand once since I left aged 2. I am going for at least 3 months when I can, to explore as much as I can of this extraordinary country, so similar yet so different to Great Britain but on the other side of the World.


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I joined the Army five years after the Falklands War and whilst I went there twice for short training exercises I never had the opportunity to walk any of the battlefields. In the nearly 20 years since I left the army I have read almost everything there is to read about this short war. I would like to retrace the route of the Commando Brigade across the islands and pay my respects to the servicemen from two nations who did their job after the politics failed.


One of your proudest moments?

As dull as it may sound, the moment I handed over our first years trading accounts knowing that we had achieved a profit; we achieved this through hard work, passion and determination with the encouragement of friends and a really outstanding crew.

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