Rachel Clapp shares with us her favourite show

The favourite show I have got to do while working for Titanium Fireworks is the annual Cromer Carnival fireworks display, which usually takes place in carnival week in mid-august. Cromer is a place close to my heart as I’ve had many trips here with my family in my lifetime so I was excited to return there and deliver something back to the community and people of the town.

This show I did last year was one of my first large shows to work at, and also my first show I got to prepare fully myself in my role as a production assistant. Working through the process of a show being designed then created in production, to show rigging and setting up, to watching it fire made it really special for me. It was greatly rewarding to see the hours of work back at our facility come to life and light up the crowd. I enjoy working on the smaller sites like this as you get an interaction with the crowd that is more personal than some of the massive events we fire at as you’re cordoned off but still able to see the crowd and hear their reaction to the performance.

Aside from the actual show, having a pre show walk down the beach it was like a trip down memory lane for me, such a lovely beach to walk along and watching people enjoy themselves catching crabs off the pier. Of course there was time for a quick stop for local fish and chips which is a must on any visit to Cromer.  After the show watching the crowd reactions and hearing the thanks we received made it really overwhelming for me. Its was lovely to see a small community getting together and celebrating their week of carnivals.

While it is a unique experience to work on large national events there is an intimacy from these smaller shows that are the heart of their community that make them very special in my memory. I am looking forward to going back there to fire again for them in the years to come.

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