Why use fireworks on your Wedding Day?

Fireworks are a visual spectacle that can be an enticing and breath-taking experience that will make any occasion a memorable and phenomenal experience that participants won’t soon forget which is why firework displays designed by the right people will make your wedding an unforgettable day. We are often asked “Why include fireworks in our big day?” so we thought we’d let you know some of the reasons why:

1. To Make It Memorable
Weddings tend to blur into one when you’ve been to a few. The standard white dress, church, nice food and lovely dancing mean Great Aunt Ethel can’t remember the difference between your wedding and your sisters. To break the mould and go that extra step, fireworks finish your wedding day in the right way and get the finalize the occasion deserves.

2. Amazing Photos
Wedding Photography is an important part of the remembrance process; it highlights the best and most important part of the occasion. If you want some of these pictures to really pop and deliver a vivid flashback when looked back on then fireworks definitely achieve this. The fireworks give off the stunning light needed by the photographer, and you’ll be able to see the looks of excitement on all your guests’ faces.

3. Great Family Entertainment
No doubt a huge selection of your family and close friends will be attending, and you want them entertained from start to finish. Doing so for so long can be a daunting task. However, fireworks at a wedding are great entertainment for the whole family and could alleviate some of that pressure for you and keep them fixated on a fireworks spectacle.

4. The Party Keeps Going
Sometimes when guests have been at a wedding all day; by 9 pm they are exhausted. 9 pm is often when they see their opportunity to sneak off home. This can leave the wedding venue or dance floor looking sparse. By having something like a fireworks display to look forward to in the evening, this will make guests stay longer.

5. For The Smiles
It’s no stretch to say that the right display will leave everyone at your wedding shocked and amazed to witness such a spectacle if they do not know beforehand. The only thing you’ll love more than the display is the reactions you’ll get from your guests.

6. Adds More Magic
You want your wedding to be YOUR wedding, to have that something no ones else had, a particular ingredient to make it very special. Fireworks in the evening after dancing and some drink would do just that and having a wedding firework display will make your wedding day even more magical. Just think Disney Castle at the start of every Disney film.

7. Personalise It
Got a favourite song which you didn’t feel was right for your first dance? Then use that for your fireworks display. That’s right – fireworks can be set to the music of your choice. Some couples even opt for the song played that they walked down the aisle too. This brings all those lovely memories rushing back for you and your guests.

These are just some of the many, many reasons that you should consider having fireworks at your wedding.

If you’d like to find out more, contact our fireworks display company now.

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