The man behind the London New Years Eve Fireworks

He’s set fire to the rain for Adele, made a dazzling crown of red, white and blue for the Queen and lights up every New Year’s Eve. Meet gunpowder guru Darryl Fleming who gives you more bang for your buck.

Darryl Fleming is the man who Set Fire To The Rain for Adele and put the Boom! into Boom! Shake The Room for Will Smith. He’s made a fizzing crown of red, white and blue fire for the Queen and hurled a gigantic rugby ball of light around the top of Twickenham stadium. On New Year’s Eve, he makes London’s firework celebrations the envy of the world.

Fleming, 47, runs Titanium Fireworks, the British company that has become the industry go-to for the cream of showbusiness and sporting events. His budget can climb as high as some of his rockets – the estimated cost of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony sequence was £300,000.

It’s a career that combines the creativity of music and colour with the engineering ingenuity needed to build bespoke rigs for venues such as Twickenham and Wembley. It also requires the technical know-how to manage up to 150 firework cues in a single second … Click here to read the full article on the Daily Mail Website.

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