Festival Fireworks

The summer events program is filled with festivals and outdoor concerts where fireworks form part of the evening’s entertainment.   What better way to close an amazing night of music and culture than with a spectacular display. Titanium Fireworks have considerable experience working around the country delivering dazzling finales for acts as diverse as Katherine Jenkins, the Pet Shop Boys, Jools Holland, The Pretenders, Melanie C and All Saints and Goldie.

Recently we delivered the pyrotechnics for the Henley Festival 2017; helping celebrate their 35th year. The festival follows on from the Henley Royal Regatta and traditionally the five nights of entertainment have been closed with an aerial firework display fired from the opposite side of the river; some distance from the main auditorium and floating stage. This year the organisers wanted to create something different that was more intimate and immersive for the paying audience.

Normal fireworks were not appropriate due to the restricted safety distances and the site lines were hampered by a sloping roof over the main seating area, restricting the view of those on the back rows. We came up with a proposal of firing from six small pyro pontoons located either side of the stage loaded with flame projectors and a volley of our ultra-low debris close proximity stadium single shot effects.  This was all carefully choregraphed to a percussive sound track to deliver an intense 80 second sequence.

The reaction from the crowd and feedback from the client has been extremely positive and a departure from the old has been very much welcomed by the guests of Henley Festival.

Whether you are looking for something different or require a traditional type of aerial firework display, there is no better way to finish a festival or concert.  Titanium Fireworks have the experience and track record of delivering the best displays for any given budget.  We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, whatever they may be so please get in touch.

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