We are rapidly approaching the Summer Ball season where we are lucky enough to fire at some of the most exciting and prestigious locations in the UK. Trinity  is probably the most sophisticated and lavish of all the May Balls but Robinson certainly make the most of their modern site whilst Downing  also display the style and creativity synonymous with these very special events.

If you want to see one of our Ball displays look at Trinity May Ball 2016 from our portfolio.

Meanwhile we will be adding a touch of Whumph and Wow at a couple of Mess Summer Balls in East Anglia. Like Cambridge and Oxford the Military certainly know how to party with style. Firing on military bases is usually easier than amongst or on historic buildings but all Balls have an eager audience in finest attire so detailed meaning and an excellent knowledge of our fireworks is vital to avoid that dry cleaning bill!

Summer not surprisingly sees parties galore and we feel very lucky to be out most weekends and very often in the week as well plying our trade in places as diverse as back gardens to a royal palace – we have budgets to fit almost every requirement. Many of our clients require the utmost discretion so if we are vague about where we are working it is deliberate. We do try to find interesting pictures wherever we can. Last Summer we fired a “Leaving Party” display at a memorial service for someone’s who wanted their final statement on earth to be the light, colour, sound and passion that is fireworks.

Whether you are having a Ball or Party, please never be afraid to ask us a question. There is no hard sell, no obligation and no pressure as we are incredibly lucky to do what we do all year around.