Fireworks from Structures

Utilising a structure as the focal point of a firework display can add tremendous visual impact. But doing so requires specialist skills and experience to ensure a safe and successful result. Titanium Fireworks have been fortunate enough to fire from a huge variety of structures and our team have unrivalled experience of delivering complex displays in challenging conditions.

There are three main requirements to working on structures that differ from normal firework displays.  Firstly, the technicians need to be working at height trained at least and, on certain occasions fully qualified rope access riggers. Secondly, attaching the fireworks to the structure can be complex and challenging where a bespoke cradle or attachment needs to be developed over many months to achieve the desired result. Finally, the sensitivity of the structures and surrounding areas often demands specialist pyrotechnics, with low smoke output and ultra low debris performance.

When you add in the pressures of time constraints, the unpredictability of British weather and health and safety concerns, it is essential to be able to rely on an experienced team to ensure safe and successful delivery on every occasion.

The London New Year’s Eve celebrations are centred around the London Eye where we are required to rig 1,200 fireworks in under 5 hours to the inner rim of the observation wheel some 25 meters above the River Thames. The London Eye is one of the capital’s busiest tourist attractions so we cannot attach any fireworks until the last members of the public have left.  The pressure as the clock ticks down to midnight is immense, but our crew now have the rig down to a fine art.

We also have unparalleled experience firing from stadia; recently providing the pyrotechnics from Twickenham Stadium for the England 2015 Rugby World Cup, Wembley Stadium for the UK visit of Prime Minister Modi, Celtic Park for the Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies of London 2012.

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