Meet the Team: Daniel Fulcher

Favourite career moment to date?

My favourite career moment to date would have to be! (Add generic drum roll here) working on the 2012 Olympics.

What do you most enjoy about your Job?

I most enjoy working alongside people who all have a common interest in fireworks but come from such different backgrounds.

What aspect of your job do you least enjoy?

I least enjoy getting gunpowder residue after a show, in a cut on my hand.

Favourite Project to have worked on?

Favourite project would have to be working alongside Ian Walker and crew on the river for the commonwealth games ceremony.

Favourite photo from the Titanium Firework Portfolio?

England 2015 rugby world cup final


How would your colleagues describe working with you?

‘Im always being told I need to listen’

What is one thing you absolutely will check off your “bucket” list?

To own a car like this!


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would like to go to America and do a road trip in my mustang.

One of your proudest moments?

My proudest moment ever would have to be what happened on the 6th March 2016 when my beautiful baby girl came into this world.

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