Meet the Team: Sam Marshall Hill

Favourite career moment to date?

I know this is pretty similar to most of us but being in London for 2012 the buzz and excitement was amazing and the whole job from beginning to end was inspiring. It was full of firsts for me, from meeting celebrities to putting large amounts of money on the spin of the roulette wheel. The highlight of it all has to be watching the opening ceremony from the roof of the Olympic stadium having purposely avoided all the rehearsals I got to see everything fresh, with all its amazing surprises in full effect.


What do you most enjoy about your Job?

The places it takes us and the people we get to meet along the way and the opportunities that brings with it. As my brother commented “not only are you getting to watch the greatest show on earth you’re getting paid to do it”

What aspect of your job do you least enjoy?

I think this has to be the morning after a big show no matter, how, where or why, you will be aching like mad, everything will hurt and be sore and the black remnants of burnt firework that seems to get in to every nook, cranny and cut and stays there for days.

Favourite Project to have worked on?

You probably think it’s the Olympics with what I said earlier but for me it’s the Forth Road bridge. Why?, well this show was a mile and a half long on a bridge that required a huge round trip to get back and forth to our depot. It was also an ambitious show that required a huge amount of dexterity and coordination and if I’m honest it’s the hardest I thing I have seen a crew work on. To come together as a team to achieve the final display at this truly testing site and environment was brilliant.
Favourite photo from the Titanium Firework Portfolio?

From the forth road bridge this shot just proves how big this display was from one side to another and how much kit was needed to achieve the frontage. I would have said the waterfall shot but it doesn’t show the width of the bridge as well but does show the length of the waterfall which involved people working under the bridge in a very tight space.

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How would your colleagues describe working with you?

I like to think they would say I was hard working motivated and able to think on my feet with the ability to blag what’s needed and solve any problem, even if that does involve a parrot cage or a bigger hammer.


What is one thing you absolutely will check off your “bucket” list?

This is tricky as I’ve done most things I want to, but I’m going to say heli ski in Alaska I have been to most places on my snowboard and spent a lot of time in the mountains as a snowboard instructor but the snow in Alaska is special. It has a unique shape which means it bonds tighter on steeper surfaces meaning less avalanches. So you can ride steeper terrain where few people go so no pesky lift queues!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Alaska simple! well any mountain in winter will do it’s just a different way of life it’s so quiet and peaceful and free from our hustle and bustle modern lives. And is a place I feel most at home

One of your proudest moments?

My wife will kill me for this but the day my little boy rode his snowboard for the first time he was 2 and a half and loved it and am looking forward to him getting much further with it this winter.


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