Your Wedding Day; It‘s All About You!

It is your wedding and the day should definitely be all about what you want. Because we fire some of the biggest displays in the country doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be proud to play a part in your big day. It is precisely because we do get to work with some of the largest pyro budgets that we know how to deliver the best possible display for your budget.

weddings-webWe have a vast experience of firing at all sorts of locations for all sorts of occasions and we have sent fireworks into the sky to rapturous applause for all sorts of happy couples to all sorts of music!

The starting price for a wedding display can be as little as £1600 and setting to music can cost as little as £3600.

Sure, it is a lot of money to throw in the air but if you
are going to have fireworks, why not ask the team who have designed London and Edinburgh’s NYE shows for the last 8 years? You cannot see what you are going to get until it is gone so you want people you can trust.KCSfireworks-22-e1391772892198

One of the greatest joys in our line of work is to speak to brides and grooms about adding a really special moment to their day. We know from the feedback we get that fireworks (to music or not) is one of the things that people most comment upon – after how gorgeous the bride looked of course and how touching the groom’s speech was!

So if you want to jump up and down with joy whilst watching fireworks beautifully synchronised to McFly we certainly won’t be judging you.

We are about helping to make YOUR day happen the way YOU want it to.

Go on – get in touch.

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