Titanium Fireworks had the honour of producing the display for the 500 year anniversary celebrations at Hampton Court Palace over the recent Easter
weekend. Working on behalf of Historic Royal Palaces and 59 Productions we created the explosive finale to a 22 minute projected artwork on the building’s South Façade from the Privy Gardens.

Rather than being a standalone firework display this was a combination of projection mapping, music, lighting and fireworks, so it was vital that thehampton-court-fireworksdifferent components worked in harmony with one another. After seeing the preview visualisations we produced animations of how the fireworks would look using our software; Showsim 3D. This was overlaid with the projected visuals to give a full simulation of the end result that the audiences would witness.

In order to make the fireworks appear to be bursting over the Palace they had to be rigged from a number of locations over 400 metres away (in the area known as The Wilderness) a serene woodland carpeted in Daffodils and Bluebells. Great care had to be taken to install the fireworks in such a sensitive
area without disturbing the thousands of visitors to the gardens, or the surrounding Flora. Some of the guests were visibly confused by what we were doing amongst the flowers – an inquisitive few even stopped to ask what sort of bulbs we were planting!



Firing in such close proximity to a multitude of Grade I listed buildings required very careful consideration and planning as well as detailed Risk Assessment and Curtailment Plan. Working in conjunction with the Palace staff and fire safety specialists we positioned spotters strategically around the site to ensure the safety of a Palace which has unfortunately witnessed a few fires over its’ 500 year existence.

Producing a firework display at such an historic landmark is every firework display company’s dream – but to have the landmark brought to life with such an inspirational projection made the result even more spectacular. It was a privilege to be involved.