Titanium Fireworks Showreel 2015

We started Titanium because we wanted to take firework design forward in the UK. 2014 afforded us several opportunities to show what confidence born out of experience and some imagination can deliver. We are delighted to present the Titanium Fireworks showreel 2015.

The locations have been as diverse as the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle, the 1800m stretch of the Forth Road Bridge, and even the ¼ mile drag strip at Santa Pod as we produced a pyrotechnic chase to run alongside the record breaking Jet Car. From national events such as London’s New Year’s Eve and Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games to November displays in LEGOLAND Windsor or glamourous private events such as the May Ball at Trinity College Cambridge.

Owing to the scale of some of the shows we have had the pleasure of producing, there has been extensive TV coverage from a number national broadcasters such as the BBC and Sky TV, in a multitude of unusual angles, such as helicopters and drones, or on top of bridges and national monuments. However, possibly the finest footage has come from our videographer of choice; the very talented Cris Matthews and team from Pyro Productions.

We would like to thank our hard-working teams of firework technicians across the country who have enabled us to turn our visions in to a reality. It’s not an easy task to rig a 900 metre waterfall under the road deck of the Forth Bridge, install 21 pontoons in to a 600 metre stretch of Glasgow’s River Clyde or attach 32 firing cradles to the perimeter of the London Eye, but coupled with the range of weather conditions that the British climate can muster it can be made even more challenging.

We hope you enjoy watching our work as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like us to create something incredible for your event.

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