Rigging the London Eye for New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2015

The day shift is over for the barges, the crew return to their accommodation for a well earned rest ready for another early start tomorrow, meanwhile the night shift starts on the London Eye with our working at height riggers commencing the load in.

The London Eye is an iconic structure on the London skyline, as such it is one of the most popular tourist destinations attracting any where up to 20,000 visitors a day. Working closely with the London Eye technical team, our riggers have to work through the night to ensure the minimal impact on the day to day running of this major tourist attraction.

london eye fireworksThe London Eye operates as a tourist attraction right up until late afternoon of the 31st December. We have had to develop a robust method for rigging 1,200 pyrotechnics and fireworks to the structure in just over four hours. On the nights prior to the show, our team are busy attaching our pyro holders which house the firing modules to the inner rim of the Eye. The next task is running nearly 2 kilometres of data cable to network the 40 firing modules required to fire the display from the structure.

Tonight we hope to complete the last of four outputs from our control located on the embankment ready to run a comms test tomorrow night. It is a dry and clear night, but temperatures are getting close to zero. We should be finished on this night shift by 6am.

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