Another night shift complete on the London Eye

Another night shift complete on the London Eye, all the data cable and networking is complete and tested. Once the Eye is moved to the lock down position, we lower our data cable looms and connect to the firing panels located in our command and control to run a series of continuity tests.  The Mayor of London New Year’s Eve Fireworks is more than just a firework display to mark the midnight moment.

DSC09230There is also a substantial lighting installation on and around the London Eye to add an extra dynamic addition to the spectacle complimenting the fireworks.  Wireless moving lights are rigged in to each of the 32 capsules on the London Eye with a huge bank of Varilites rigged along the Pier to up light the structure.  In addition the LED lighting on the Eye itself is also incorporated in to the final display.  We are having to work along side Stage Electrics who rehearse loading the lights in to the capsules and test all their comms.  The load in is a masterclass of logistical planning and co ordination between a number of agencies and contractors all managed and run by Jack Morton World Wide.
It has been very cold this year working through the night in the hiab baskets, IMG_2140our crew have been provided with Arctic style suits to cope with the exposure but as can be seen from the images the morale is high.  We have seen set up photos of the barges by our friends, Foti International of their rig in Sydney Australia, basking in the sun in short sleeve shirts what a contrast.  Good luck to all our friends and colleagues around the world who are busy getting ready for New Years Eve.

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