8 Days until London New Years Eve

With 8 days until London New Year’s Eve, the design and choreography process is now complete, after nearly two weeks of work and fine tuning, the show is ready, the fire files are created and downloaded in to the firing panels ready for the midnight moment.  This year the display will last approximately 11 minutes with nearly 6000 individual firing cues or commands launching 12000 fireworks in to the London skyline, synchronised to a specially created soundtrack with 100th of a second accuracy.

Single shot
The entire display will once again be triggered using GPS time code, with three barges and the London Eye forming the display locations, we will be using 4 remote FireOne XL4 firing consoles to fire the display, with a back up at each location, that is 8 consoles located over a half kilometre part of the river that need to be synchronised with each other as well as the soundtrack which is played over a PA system along the viewing areas and broadcast live on BBC1. The GPS signal is received by all the panels with the show time set at midnight.  All that is left for us to do now is finish loading 30 tonnes of equipment which will head down to London on Boxing Day.

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