The world’s smallest Fireworks display at Legoland Windsor

The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort marked the opening of its fireworks season last weekend by staging the world’s smallest fireworks display in its iconic Miniland -recreating all the drama and spectacle of New Year’s Eve in London in explosive miniature. Watched by staff and an audience of LEGO® Minilanders, the stunning miniature display was mounted by Titanium Fireworks Ltd, the experts behind the internationally renowned New Year’s Eve fireworks, who also stage LEGOLAND‘s annual shows. Over 120 fireworks were used including tiny Ice Fountains whizzing round Miniland’s 2.7m tall London Eye model (50 times smaller than the real thing) and scaled down rockets lighting up the sky over the 76,500 brick Big Ben.

“We are used to creating highly impactful displays on a massive scale most recently at the
Commonwealth Games and the Forth Bridge’s 50th anniversary – but this was a very unique and interesting challenge,” commented Darryl Fleming, Director from Titanium Fireworks Ltd. “Instead of soaring 250m into the sky, we had to precisely plan these fireworks to ignite at just 3m above the ground. We needed to get the positioning just right to ensure the end result was as spectacular as any full scale display and exactly the right amount of powder and explosive was used – it was an operation of military accuracy.”

“Our fireworks are always one of the highlights of the LEGOLAND year and it’s important that they are truly stunning every time.” commented Sue Kemp, the Resort’s Divisional Director. “We’ve worked with the Titanium team for some time now and know the great things they can do, but this year we decided to really put them to the test with a challenge that was both mammoth and mini at the same time! They were delighted to take us up on it and we’re thrilled we’ve pulled off what we believe to be the world’s smallest firework show ever staged!”

The public can enjoy the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s LEGO® Legends of Chima™ Fire and Ice themed fireworks every weekend till 1 November.

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